Felabration is the annual music and arts festival commemorating the music legend Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. The festival brings in hundreds of local and international artists every year and the city of Lagos buzzes even more from the additional activities surrounding the event.

The New Africa Shrine fills up quickly with visitors eager to see the show and the atmosphere is reminiscent of Fela days. I chose to separate myself from the crowd this year to focus on intimacy. Removed from the audience, people moved at a slower pace, back-rooms appeared untouched over the years - proof visible in worn-out carpets and peeling paint. Fela's presence was felt, thick in the memories of those present - his sons, friends and dedicated fans who could still vividly recall Fela on stage. My goal was to blend the present and the past - to deepen and showcase the relevance of The New Africa Shrine as not just a structure, but a shelter for the essence of Fela.

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