“After I discovered that I was being affected by toxic mascilinity, I went back into myself and created this sparkle androgynous alien person that is creating a safe space for people in the queer community.”

Jaace was 14 years old when he started learning how to express himself through fashion. Over time, he discovered the intricate nature of the queer community where he faced ridicule, judgement and prejudice for being more naturally androgynous. Despite trying to fit into the space of a more accepted masculine gay guy, he was shunned. That experience brought out his true form, a self that didn’t want to be defined by labels. A self that could be visibly seen.

“Fashion has helped me accept the fact that there is a feminine quality about me that’s super amazing and powerful. I’m beginning to understand the fluctuation of masculine and feminine energies within males and females and it’s just this huge spectrum.”

“Through how I dress, I want people to understand that no matter how different you are, whether you’re born as a male or female, however you express yourself, it’s just who you are and it’s just as beautiful. You don’t have to fit these constructs that society moulds to your gender. You should be able to feel secure, you should be able to feel sexually appealing, and you should feel powerful.” - Jaace


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